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Little Jack Jizz

Deja Poo Bog Roll Needed Scatchy Tunes Poo and Bum Songs to Take a Dump to The Triple Coiler Touching the Winky
Granny's Handbag
This is a gran, she looks like a man
In drag, what's in her bag
There's a
Felt pen, some nice lipstick
A chocolate bar and a red house brick
Penguin, a pair of shoes
Jewel encrusted elephant poo
Blue comb, a boy named Tom
Ten ton nuclear bomb
Sniper rifle, telephone
Big black cat and a traffic cone
In Granny's handbag
In Granny's handbag
That's right you've guessed, the biddy is dressed
In rags, what's in her bag
There's a
Beer can, a Polaroid
Tube of cream for your haemorrhoids
Red guitar, the number ten
T-bone steak and a dog named Ben
Pink slippers, slimy fish
A big and grey satellite dish
Baby spoon, electric fan
A turban and an Indian man
In Granny's handbag
In Granny's handbag
There's a
Lizard egg about to hatch
Pirate wearing an eye patch
Bowling ball, a song from Kiss
A vile of tropical cat piss
Mary Poppins photograph
A big joke book that'll make you laugh
Laptop, an apple pie
Squirrel turd and a swarm of flies
Motorbike, a piece of cheese
Copper tubing, bag of peas
Ornamental Chinese fan
Roll of tape and another gran
In Granny's handbag
In Granny's handbag