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Bumpy Doo Dah

Deja Poo Bog Roll Needed Scatchy Tunes Poo and Bum Songs to Take a Dump to The Triple Coiler Touching the Winky
I've Done a Poo
There's something I need to tell you
There's something I need to say
I've been very creative
I think it'll make your day
I've done a poo for you
It's a brown number two
It's what I love the most
I've smeared it on your post
I've done a poo Daddy
It's in your golf caddy
Hey look I've got poo boobs
And there's some in that tube
I've got something to show you
You'll tell me I'm the best
I made something exciting
I think you'll be impressed
I've done a poo you see
It's on your bonsai tree
Come play a game with me
There's just crap on TV
I've done a poo out there
I covered it with hair
I did one in the sink
Then stirred some in your drink
I've done a poo for sure
Here comes a little more
It's in my piggy bank
Floating in the fish tank
I've done a poo quick look
I squashed some in your book
I'm a man let's pretend
Here have you met my friend